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Beijing Xicheng District City, the first museum sing Red Classics

Date:Sep 30,2015

Recently, by the Beijing Xicheng District culture is the first museum of vocal music and instrumental music department jointly RMO Chamber Orchestra and the choir of Beijing innocence staged a "of" the Red Classics "to celebrate the founding of the people's Republic of China the 66th anniversary of World Film Symphony Concert".
The concert red classic film music and the visual arts are integrated, through a combination of multimedia technology and piano, accordion and other forms of art, a distinct theme, in the form of a novel and tastes. Pipa solo "a folk song to the party" was a prelude to the evening performance. Concert on the theme of "the Red Classics", its repertoire is familiar to the public of the film and television theme music, including classical war drama "Sishitongtang" theme song "reforming territory to be epigenetic", TV drama "Red Sorghum", the theme song of the "Nine" and won the Oscar Awards anti fascist film "Schindler's list", "the pianist" theme song.
After the end of the show, the audience is full of to the concert of praise: "Symphony of great momentum, visual shock, can evoke memories of the past."


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