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2015 China International Chorus Festival (Xinjiang) Chorus command training course is coming to an end

Date:Sep 25,2015


 Along with the gradual progress of time, the 2015 China International Chorus Festival (Xinjiang) Chorus command training course is also close to the end. Although today is a rest day (Islamic Eid al AdhA), but students or early came to the classroom, the aftertaste yesterday lecturer Chen Guoquan grant of the course content at the same time, looking forward to China International Chorus Festival Committee, director of China Chorus Association Guo Zhiqiang Mr. wonderful speech. Mr. Guo Zhiqiang will combine their 40 years of experience in command today is "Choral technique" for students to explain.

The following is an outline of Mr. Chen Guoquan's lecture in September 24th, which is to be shared by the students:
Former language
Chorus conductor, the conductor of the chorus, is the soul of a chorus team. In addition to the chorus command should have a certain artistic quality, good professional spirit, good organization ability, strict and affinity cooperation style and so on, a good command should also have:
1, the music of the aura, is good at capturing the elements of music and the expression of music;
2, body feeling, be good at adjusting and using their body movements, to achieve accurate and visual;
3, after the command of the basic movement of the training process, (in a variety of action, especially in the film and the preparation of the grasp and grasp the sense of control);
4, the necessary knowledge of music, such as: vocal music, solfeggio, music theory, harmony, polyphony, music, polyphonic composition, playing the piano and so on.

One, to have the right posture
1, posture
Have the right size and location. The stable feeling of being relaxed, not nervous, and having the chorus of the chorus.
2, arm
Arm stretched out in length. Elbow position should be slightly higher (elbow if not, often have "discharge" feeling).
3, hand
The main use of the hand, hand type should control. The fingers are slightly curved, the palm is like the grip. Palm is usually down, but also to the right hand to the right, sometimes can be up.
Two, must grasp the shooting point
The mastery of the shoot is the base of the command. There is a shooting point to control, there is control to reflect the value of the command. Point of the film is a prerequisite for the operation of the command, is a symbol of a certain level of command. Ready to shoot, shoot, shoot, starting late, speed control, pronunciation consistency and so can not be the shooting point.
Three, to diversify the pattern
There are three kinds of forms, such as curve, straight line, point and so on. Curve is the foundation.
The command pattern is closely related to the diversification of command language.
Four, grasp the combination of management and line
Some short, bouncing songs, often in at the beginning of management, is more concentrated, powerful, and schema will appear "softening".
A lot of songs are a combination of points and lines with better results.
Five, a melody line concept
The melody of the song has the height, the fluctuation, the commanding point of the shoot, the pattern is often with the melody line flow.
Melody lines are generally divided into high, medium and low. Middle position - gestures in the chest range, high - gestures in the head and head range; low - gestures at the waist and waist range.
Melody line setting: the first arrangement of the songs of the most bass, the most high pitched and roughly the middle tone.
Six, ready to shoot, starting and close shot
"Command is the art of preparation". "The position of the command post is in the preparation". "Ready" will indicate the music intensity, speed, emotion, singing to a chorus in the pronunciation before. It plays an important role in the performance of music. The position of the preparation is mostly in the pronunciation of the first shot.
Seven different types of play, master tempo
1, take photos: the beat movement. Can be divided into general reality (commonly used in song and dance), strong hard reality (used in strong songs) and soft of reality (commonly used in ballads).
2, the control of swing: This is a no shot point but a rich sense of control command action. Mainly use the big arm and the small arm and hand coordination of movement and muscle tension degree to form, mastering the swing control "the trick is" beat after the bounce action slow down "to form kneading (drag) like the sense of rhythm.
3, take the imaginary beat: No, commonly known as the "count" of the following actions.
4, straight line: a straight line to shoot a person called "dry". It is characterized by the film does not rebound. Commonly used in (1) fast pace of music, dance music genre. (2) a music that has a hardness or an end or a pause. (3) there is a rhythm of the bouncing character. (4) a solemn feeling of strength.
5, duncuo shoot is a wrist or arm hit, as emphasized setbacks, the bouncing effect action.

Eight, good shot and shoot, with the original
The original beat, beat beat, in three. The original film, which beat. Sub shot, is about to the original one shot (such as the eight points of two points) to play two shot. In the original two shoot or three, combined into a beat.
Nine, a good response, and dotted segmentation and not breathing and repose
The second shot, dotted, syncopated all belong to the latter point shot after shot into the type ". Its basic action is to use a sharp corner, outstanding, clear and bounce back after the shoot, to let the singer get in the second half of the film.
Ten, must grasp the left and right hand in hand
Many of the command of the beginners, the two hands are synchronized to the movement, the left hand can not be used alone, gesture language is monotonous. Competent "command" should grasp the division of labor and cooperation.
Eleven, handling good strength, speed
Intensity: intensity of expression.
Twelve, "beat the word not to play music" "beat""
"Beat the word not to play music" "beat" is not the norm of the more extreme action. The song has been used in the Allegro can "automatic" paragraph. "Play the word not hit song" and "play word play shoot that many parts of the song playing only imaginary beat, do not even play, and of certain words, words, sentences is emphasis of reality. This has been reflected in the command to reach a certain level of randomness.
When the command and the chorus with the tacit understanding, the "non canonical form", "beat the word not to play music" and more, this is the interpretation of the music and the formation of command level and demeanor is very helpful.
Thirteen, the command field, operation relations, score reading, rehearsal
1 command "aura"
A good conductor with aura, the so-called aura, that is in front of the choir of control command, a sense of cohesion, stability, and choir to command the trust.
2 various relations of command action
1, the command of the action of the big and small amplitude.
2, point and linear motion command (staccato and legato) relationship.
3, strength and weak strength relationship.
4, control and follow the relationship. In some music (usually rap songs) paragraph, command and reduce the control to the chorus of free space, so that the chorus can relaxation, natural singing, and command are also able to "rest".
5, direct the available gestures and expressions that singing pronunciation position, language articulation and breath support.
6, command is the command by hand, usually under command is not required and choir together opens the mouth to sing, gently with the can, if opens the mouth to sing and sing of ecstasy, direction affect the accuracy.
7, command and accompaniment

After the command of a personal accompaniment (such as the piano, accordion) command will prelude, interlude, accurate introduced, usually to the accompaniment without too much. But some works prelude, Intermezzo, after playing the important expression meaning, should pay attention to the command or command. In the music process, the chorus must be given to the prior to the obvious hints, or to prepare the action, or gestures to pause the one or two shoot plus breathing tips, eyes watching in order to let the chorus clear into the. As a professional command must always take into account the accompaniment of import, strength, speed, often give the necessary hints, especially when the accompaniment becomes the main voice, should control the chorus and accompaniment emergent out.

3 score reading
The command must score reading, can not use the single melody concept of command.
4 rehearsal
Chorus rehearsals have a rehearsal for the arts, usually to pay attention to:
1, the chorus should pay attention to solve the fundamental pitch, rhythm, intensity, speed etc.. The sound quality and sound fusion degree, consistency of articulation and singing style and interpretation of music, performance accuracy.
2, the rehearsal process, the overall practice and the combination of local fine, to solve the problem and appropriate transfer of the combination, must not be a long time to pull the details of a position, the members of the more singing the more stiff, the more singing the more boring.
3, good singing voice and the voice of the foreground background proportion and balance. The difficulty of the rhythm can be the first rhythm, or only recite the lyrics.
4, during rehearsals by voice formed a circle, let the choir in staring at each other adjust the tone, pitch, state of singing and pronunciation and tidy.
5, change the position and moderate arrangement and adapt to the music of a variety of actions, the principle is (1) actions must be music needs. (2) no effect of singing.
6, it is also necessary to advise: Chorus indoor performance must be developed without accompaniment and without the use of the microphone. But it is best not to add a variety of props (flowers, red board, etc.), which have no real meaning to the chorus. At the same time, not in the chorus members of the packaging (clothing, makeup, etc.) under too much effort, the song is the main.
7, when a full song, should be carried out the necessary command design.

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