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2015 China International Chorus Festival (Xinjiang) Chorus command seminar to lift the climax

Date:Sep 23,2015

Yesterday, China International Chorus Festival Committee, a member of the National Grand Theater children's chorus base choir, Beijing 171 High School Golden Sail Choir xudechang Mr. on "how to train and maintain beautiful boys" and "phrase singing and articulation training", "Choral Works between the voice of balance and strength contrast" topics for students affectionately to explain, humorous body language, attracted the audience's applause and laughter. At the end of the course, a lot of students have to have their own in the side, to explore their own problems in leading the chorus training, until a satisfactory answer, before they leave.



Evening, by the choral conducting seminar co organized by the Xinjiang production and Construction Corps Second Division, in recent years in Xinjiang Korla area budding "mountain high school boys choir for guests, students do demonstration sing of different nationalities, different style of choral music the youth dance", "carved saddle", "fly", "street children", "Fang niuban spring", the grateful heart "...... , will be the mood of the scene to the climax.


And the mountain high school is to carry out "sing, Korla, hand in hand with a small partner, twinning activities of Zhongguancun smallest Yinfan choir in chorus" fly "," my root ah in China ", a cappella singing" cuckoo ", the left hand right hand for this demonstration performances add to the fun.

Today, China International Chorus Festival Arts Council member, Chinese college chorus committee chairman Ren Baoping Mr. "Choir warm-up training and establish a correct concept of chorus and voice, how to design the gesture command design works and sound effects, choir to participate in the competition and works on the concert held a selection of detailed teaching. It is also students look forward to the topic.

The following is an outline of Mr. Xu Dechang's lecture yesterday, sorting out for students to share:
How to train and maintain a beautiful voice
Adults and children singing the biggest difference is the characteristic of children's tone. At present, the boys' training, there are many misunderstandings, the biggest problem is many teachers with adult tone on children were singing training, thus losing unique treble tone, also lost children lively and lovely singing style. For this purpose, the author has formed a core system of the singing training of "breathing in the pipe, the flow of the air, and the vibration of the vocal cords in the respiratory tract. From breathing of singing is established, do keep the boys unique tone at the same time with through the vocal range of the singer, formed a strong bright with the penetrating voice features, also has a smart singing and art expressive force, clear articulation function truly reflect the essence of children's singing ability and the artistic expressive force.
1, breathing in the open and the singing of the state of the building, breathing is the formation of lateral expansion of the lungs, mouth, nose is the breath to enter the body's respiratory tract. Singing the suction to the nose and mouth at the same time the intake and pay attention to the mouth and nasal cavity state and inspiration to created by the nasal cavity, pharynx, trachea unobstructed respiratory tract.
2, breath when the singing state, when the breath to maintain breathing when the formation of the breathing tube, breath from the trachea after the outflow along the cavity directly into the nasal cavity, to maintain a smile of the state, relax chin and chest, internal organs and breathing down and maintain.
3, expiratory air flow and to control, bubble sound practice, sighing sound practice, falsetto voice reading the words of practice, practice staccato, legato singing practice, expansion of range of practice, the intensity of the practice.

Two "syntax" and "articulation" training
It is not difficult to find that the children's lack of emotional and rhythm, artistic expression is poor in the training. Have reasons for this phenomenon beyond its own lack of understanding of the works lead to lack of emotion, mainly is the lack of singing techniques and advanced concepts of singing, thus losing the consciousness of "syntax", coupled with the lack of articulation enunciation, will inevitably lead to the lack of singing ability.
A sentence from breathing to a singing part between breath, each sentence contained three parts:
1, from the overall perspective: the sentence head to the logical stress and sentence end
2, from the melody, tone, melody, coda stability 3 from the language: from word to word chain of ups and downs, tail word unto rhymes and sound
The above three aspects are we from different angles of syntax analysis, whether it is what language or roll, we must language training into the melody of, and pay attention to three aspects of the problem, singing melody and do a good job of articulation, otherwise it will cause the melody line is not clear, functional harmony is not perfect.
1, staccato and legato articulation contrast 2, melody in the sentence of uplink and downlink training 3, pure vowel training 4, choral works in between the voice volume balance and each of the passages between the comparison of dynamics.
Choral art is the act of singing more voices, each voice between the pitch collide with each other and form the whole chorus. To achieve multiperson voice wonderful sound effects must be the voices of the intensity size, and with the research, the training choir to with ears to sing the chorus ".
The chorus of the allocation of two main points 01, 02, homophonic texture chorus choral polyphony texture
Of course, depends on the work of the specific circumstances of the overall surveillance efforts, the overall requirements of the whole chorus sound to "Baotuan", main melody clearer can be heard.
Concluding sentence:
The art of command is in fact the training of art, only with the advanced chorus ideas and master the advanced chorus training means and continue to practice, to bring out a good chorus team!


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