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Two major problems in the development of chorus"

Date:Sep 18,2015

  In recent years, China chorus cause into the period of prosperity and development, national large and small choral competitions, the choral activities, from beginning to end of the year almost uninterrupted; a variety of choir multi springing up in chorus of people in all walks of life and around the choir in the international competition award success. However, in Xiamen, Jimei University, music college chorus teacher, Xiamen Echo mixed voice chamber choir conductor Qin Lu is deeply China's chorus industry and prosperity of the development of the situation, there are not optimistic about the situation, including the two major problems in particular should be noted.
Chorus more, love less
As a college Chorus (Chorus) teacher and a social chorus practitioners, Qin Lu observed, the choir members generally mainly by three kinds of people constitute Choir has this division three types: the first type is for the completion of a task and temporary formation, composition of personnel for employees, the participants for the non voluntary; the second is sponsored by an organization or unit to set up, the members of the musical or chorus foundation and voluntary participation; the third is without any funding and support members completely out of music, love to the chorus and the formation. She said that the first two categories are currently an important part of the domestic chorus, because out of love and to participate in the chorus of the proportion of the third categories of members. Although there are a lot of people in the second categories like chorus, but the distance, love, there is a certain distance. A lot of people are inert to the daily routine of the rehearsal, but also less to participate in rehearsal, usually there will be a performance task to participate. Qin Lu led by the Xiamen Echo mixed with the sound of the room is the third category: there is no financial support for any organization or unit, from the command, piano accompaniment to the members, all of the obligations to participate in rehearsal. Out of the chorus of the pursuit, we insist on the two rehearsal every week, but also once at their own expense to participate in the 2014 annual Taipei International Chorus Festival and music performances and Music Festival, won the Taipei Chorus Festival art director Du Hei.
Don't know it.
Members in addition to for the development of many of the chorus chorus love degree of restriction, intonation is troubled by the problems all choir, especially in amateur team is particularly evident. In the long process of training, Qin Lu think, interval feeling, stereo view and chorus singing are several factors that affect the pitch, in the aspects of inaccurate understanding is not enough, it is easy to cause "sings are not allowed.
Qin Lu explained, because the interval distance the lack of sense of intonation problems caused by, generally appear in primary and music literacy is not high enough or no music choir. For people without basic music specialized training, professional term "degree" is used to represent the interval distance is somewhat abstract, members will be very difficult to distinguish the second degree and second degree, or second degree and third degree of distance. Command training requirement in this case plus some gesture aided and let them intuitively feel the distance between interval can be in a certain extent, helps to solve the problem of this kind of intonation. The intonation problem caused by subjective factors, such as bad state of singing, breath support instability and the sound position not higher is chorus intonation problem. To solve this kind of problem, it is needed to direct and mobilize the enthusiasm of the chorus, to fully understand the works and to deduce the original works. In this issue, Qin Lu proposed a affect the pitch point of view: the view of sound, due to the traditional Chinese Chorus by Russian school influence deeper, namely typical Eastern Roman singing. The vocal position on the pay attention to in the lower part of the resonance, voice thick, heavy, if has been using this stereo view singing Russian choral works, is easy to appear the phenomenon of inaccurate sound intonation has had many problems. Since the 80's of the 20th century, the general trend of the international chorus sound turned upward, front, emphasizing head cavity sympathetic chord (upper resonance) in the Western Roman singing, in recent years, the domestic part of the command in chorus sound view on change and practice, but the way to improve is very long. In addition to the traditional concept of chorus, chorus singing for intonation will also influence. The chorus of the early Chinese due to the birth in the period of national peril, in order to meet the needs of the war, singing mainly uses the sound of singing, because of differences in singing and training in singing lacks steady breath support and sound of the high position of the support, which leads to low common pitch in a suitable for the use of works of art and of semi acoustic singing and singing softly. Therefore, the accuracy of intonation need to change the sound view and singing in the understanding of the time. (Chen Huihui)

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