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"The Yellow River" for the first time to sing for peace, do not forget the history of England:

Date:Sep 17,2015

Chinese London Philharmonic Choir recently in central London famous Cadogan hall held to mark the first anniversary of the anti fascist war and the Chinese people's war of resistance against Japan the 70th anniversary of the victory of the theme of the concert, for the first time in the UK sing the poem "Yellow River Cantata".
The ballad of the spindle to the concert to "for peace, not to forget history" as the main theme, with a chorus, solo, duet, instrumental music, music poetry recitation as the auxiliary line, in addition to the "Yellow River Cantata", also to review the many during World War II, one of the most popular Chinese and foreign classical repertoire, "Edelweiss", "goodbye, my friend", "Katyusha", "nostalgia", "road", "guerrilla song", "February", "bounce my beloved Pipa", "Songhua River", "red flowers red", "farewell", "the Great Wall", "under the iron heel songstress", "till we meet again". Each end of the song, prolonged applause.
Concert by piano music for the left hand, "Lament" kicked off, the author this song is dedicated to him by a friend who lost his right arm in the war. The young pianist Li Gen playing deep expression of the victims of World War II in grief. Concert invited fee Enqi major (major Brian finch) tells the story of a little is known about the true story: China Zhoushan Dinghai County Dongji Township fishermen braved the danger, saved a large number of distressed sea by Japanese strafing British prisoners of war. It is these simple kindness of the Chinese fishermen and their behavior compose a first world peace and international friendship songs, many British friends listen to is moved. We do not know is: in the morning, the son just died Enqi major fee. The major did not rush to accompany and comfort her daughter, but arrived at the concert hall on time. The chorus members know that the matter was deeply moved. These are full of positive energy to the people and things continue to write a new chapter in a peace and friendship!
The choir played the spirit of modern Chinese poem "the Yellow River" in the second half. Song eight movements, to solo, duet, mixed chorus different form of singing, and music poetry recitation and instrumental music, making each movement can be a single song and seamless. "The Yellow River" not only absorbs the western music creation technique, and strongly highlight the national music style. Command, solo, singing, and reciting poems, instrumental and choir members cooperate tacit understanding, the spirit of full will this symphony representative interpretation attractively, touching.
Concert in the country of the British Song Yu households Xiao "Bucky colonel of music" in the end, clapping and interaction on stage, the scene is very touching. In the end, the audience is not willing to leave for a long time. The Embassy of the people's Republic of China in the UK minister Ni Jian and China Construction Bank branches in the UK executive president Feng Xilai came to congratulate actor and actor photo. Chinese ambassador to the UK Museum of fee star consul general, Li Hui and counselor leaders personally went to the concert guidance, several participated in the British veterans of the second world war also came to enjoy the concert. The scene of the Chinese and foreign audience are blown away, the entire concert from the organization, layout to the level of singing let a person refreshing, sit up and take notice. Overseas Chinese people especially young people from the concert to the home country's history and a taste of Chinese culture. The audience was brought back to the Sino British joint war experience, from the echoing in London the ancient theater of the war songs understanding the story behind, for the Chinese people's solidarity in the face of national crisis, courageously indomitable spirit of the war the infection. 

  The lcpc London Chinese Philharmonic Choir is a non-profit amateur music group, is currently the largest in the UK Chinese mixed voice choir. "The Yellow River" premiere success cannot do without the chorus to pay. As choir conductor and artistic director of the tourism English opera tenor Home Wang Bo once in the seven times in a professional concert "Yellow River Cantata". The rehearsal process, he told members of the pronunciation, intonation and emotion expression are strict requirements. Choir, chairman of the board of governors Xu Yizhang over 80 years, cherishes still presided over the work of the Council and attend every rehearsal, and according to the specific circumstances of the choir music reasonably and rich creative adaptation. Choir members overcome various difficulties persist in rehearsal: some have just finished the surgery to participate in the exercise, some of the plane went straight to the rehearsal scene, some two times a week to drive a few hours from the field to the rehearsal, some of the concert postponed the scheduled trip to visit relatives......
The concert from the initial to the successful preparation of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom has always been the leader of the Chinese Embassy in the care and support. Economic and Commercial Counselor's office of public participation, China State organs Calligraphers Association executive director Jinxu made a special trip to rehearsal to cheer for the choir, and concert inscription. China Construction Bank and the parties in the UK are also generous funding for the concert. Served the concert Honorary Advisor of China famous conductor Yan Liangkun, Wu Lingfen, respectively and Xian Xinghai's daughter Bonina. Famous conductor Yan Liangkun (central Orchestra), the famous composer Liu Feng (former president of Yanan Art Institute), the famous composer Meng Bo (former party secretary of the Shanghai Conservatory Of Music), the famous singer Meng Yu (former vice president of the central song and dance troupe), a famous film actor Yu Lan (the original children's film studio director), the famous singer Liu Yanping (former vice president of the Central National Orchestra), the famous conductor Luo Lang (head of the original Chinese band), famous conductor Cao Peng (former Shanghai orchestra conductor), "the Yellow River cantata" song writer Xian Xinghai daughter Nina Xian, "the Yellow River" words such as author Guang Wei Ran son Zhang Andong wrote a concert.

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