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Japan and South Korea - ASEAN (10+3) seminar held recently in cultural human resources

Date:Sep 14,2015

  Recently, sponsored by the Ministry of culture, the Central Culture Management Cadre Institute, China's foreign cultural group, the contractor, China ASEAN center as a support unit for the ninth between ASEAN and China, Japan and South Korea (10 + 3) culture human resources development cooperation seminar in Beijing held.
This session of the seminar in public cultural service system construction as the theme, invited of East Asian countries and regions to public cultural services administration officials to visit China. Seminar, officials and experts from China's public cultural services introduced basic situation of the construction of public cultural service system in our country, and delegates to discuss and share the experience of the construction of public cultural service system, also arranged for delegates to Beijing and Suzhou to visit cultural centers, libraries, museums and public cultural service facilities, to increase understanding of China's public cultural service system construction on behalf of the countries.
Sponsored by the Ministry of culture "10+3 cultural human resource development cooperation seminar" since 2006 has been successfully held for 8 consecutive years in 8, has accumulated hundreds of invited ASEAN and cultural authority representatives and related cultural experts to visit China, around the protection of traditional culture, the development of cultural industry, cultural development and management of human resources. A theme of dialogue and cooperation through discussion and practical examination form, effectively promoting the mutual understanding of each other in the field of cultural resources, policy, business and industrial development, promote the cultivation of national culture and regional human resources development and learn from each other and share the experience, continued support for countries in the region and highly, the workshop has grown into an important platform for regional cultural cooperation in East asia.
Ministry of Culture Department, public cultural Sun Lingping deputy inspector, the China - ASEAN Center Education Ministry of culture and tourism of the sun Jianhua, deputy director and Central Culture Management Cadre Institute, vice president of the Duan Zhouwu attended the commencement ceremony.

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