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Dream and joy never fade with age: seventeenth Chinese aged Chorus Festival

Date:Sep 10,2015

From northern Shaanxi to the northeast, more than 2500 kilometers away, more than 30 hours by train. Shaanxi province Yanan veteran chorus Zhang Sanquan staring out of the window at the passing thoughts of Castle Peak water. When excited, return is two and nostalgia, different mood, but are enough to make him forget the journey tired. September 4th, by the Ministry of culture for a period of 3 days of the seventeenth Chinese elderly Chorus Festival in Qigihar City, Heilongjiang Province, a successful conclusion. From the motherland of 46 choirs Hecheng oligomerization and old comrades in honor of the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the victory of the war of resistance against Japan, with songs to express to the motherland, love of music and life.
To meet the dream
Inner Mongolia Baotou Aya Li Song female Choir at the age of 62 member Li Cuixiang is weak and perennial ailing. For the show, she specifically asked the doctor for his treatment. Colonel gerile suffering from rhinitis, sit the plane would have physical discomfort, show last night still have a fever, but she excited expression filled with reach the stage of desire: "although we are not professional, but our love of music has become a dream. For this dream, we have been for 10 years."

Yanan Province, Shaanxi Province, the old cadres and members of the Wang Deming's wife suffering from cancer, this time away from home, Wang Deming heart is very tangled: on the one hand do not want to miss this opportunity, on the one hand and rest assured that his wife. In the old brothers out of his mind as he went with his wife. Finally, Wang Deming and his wife embarked on a journey to Qigihar. When he saw his wife on the stage of the wonderful performances, his wife is also very happy. "Since joining the chorus team, I know a lot of friends, the spirit of color is better than before. In fact, we should not only have the elderly, but also to." Wang Deming said. In his view, this "is", is in the hearts of a dream, there is the pursuit of.
2000 teams of more than 46 old comrades, although from the motherland, but in the hearts of the chorus and music dream is the same. Because the health problems of the old comrades, the family is also very concerned about. In addition, the fund is also a big problem, a lot of funds raised from the participating teams to donate. Hebei Provincial veteran Oriental Pearl head of the chorus Feng Xiang Liu said: "since the choice of the chorus of the road, we must take it as their own retirement love new career. Even if there are difficulties, we must keep on going. This insistence is actually a kind of happiness."
Promotion skills in happiness
Tan Guangzhou, deputy director of the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Mass Art Museum, has more than once led the local elderly choir to participate in the Chinese elderly Chorus Festival. "Although I will lead to different teams participating, but I feel these old comrades enthusiasm is exactly the same." Tan Guangzhou looked at the actors on the stage with a smile on his face, "this joy is entirely from the bottom of the heart." 

The Chorus Festival is more and more to strengthen the chorus show and exchange, and the addition of expert comments on the link. On the morning of September 4th, the expert review meeting, the venue All seats are occupied. corridor, corridor station, full of audience. The elderly should be tailored to the choir, should not blindly pursue imitation......" "Choosing the place with the local characteristics is more likely to show their wonderful side......" "Balance is the key to the elderly chorus, it is more important to play a more important than the outstanding individual......" In the presence of experts, but also the presence of people's comments, the audience's applause and thinking. In the question of the link, the audience and the experts to interact, warm atmosphere.
Truth warm hearts
In the performance activities organized by the scene hall, a unique medical station is particularly conspicuous. Several doctors are serious about measuring blood pressure for the elderly, doing physical examination. As to the mental state and physical health of the security participating old comrades, the activities of the contractor party in health care foot work, not only has a medical station, also sent to the ambulance and medical staff on standby, even bear volunteer service work is Qiqihar health school students. Whether it is an actor or an audience, there is any confusion will have staff enthusiasm, patience to answer, these thoughtful and meticulous service has been to participate in the activities of the elderly, a wide range of.
One day before the opening event, famous conductor, Tianjin University professor Ren Baoping came to the scene early. In the preparation time of less than one day, he proposed to use their own time to rest and each rehearsal of the choir to engage in a separate field meet, one by one for their guidance. Ren Baoping selfless work attitude touched many people. 46 performances in the two half day time intensive debut, the intensity of the work of the expert team is huge. However 7 experts still to full of enthusiasm and meticulous reading every game performances and according to the characteristics of each team made detailed comments. Experts' dedication to many chorus praise, have lamented the trip.

     First performance is not in Yanan Province, Shaanxi old cadres choir to participate. But Zhang Sanquan and a few members or deliberately to the scene to observe and learn. They used the camera to record every show. Behind the scenes, many of the participating teams in mutual exchange. "We play is to enhance mutual learning and other team, not to take the prize, ranking. Let the members through the stage performance to obtain the happiness and satisfaction, to the motherland and the community to show our own style is the fundamental purpose." Zhang Sanquan said.
The evening of September 2nd, the Qigihar municipal labor Lake Square huge crowds of people bustling. A few to participate in the Chinese old Chorus Festival of the team went to the community level, for the masses has brought a wonderful performance. This news, many music lovers, folk chorus members also spontaneously come and participate in. The end of a group show, the audience have come round to warm exchanges, a group photo taken. Xiangxi Jishou Hunan Province, province, the charm of the voice of the national chorus of Art Troupe head Yang Xiulian said: "the enthusiasm of the masses let us feel the deep soil of the chorus art, but also more encouraged us to go on the road, the most beautiful, the most sincere song dedicated to the community."

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