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Activity award setting instructions

Date:Oct 19,2015

Award setting
Game awards not scaling, and ultimately to high and low scores determine the award level and ranking, and awarded a group award and individual awards trophy, certificate.
1, group award:
For the team, the group set gold, silver, bronze and outstanding performance award, the group will be in accordance with the group award and awards according to the final score from high to low ranking, which is the award ranking.
Such as: Children's group: the gold medal for the first gold second gold third......
2, individual awards:
(1) excellent chorus conductor Award: the reference of the choir competition score and the judges of the collective evaluation, the winners will be awarded the cup, certificate
(2) a good piano accompaniment Award: the reference to the choir competition score and the jury of the judges, the winners will be awarded the cup, certificate
(3) outstanding organization award: awarded to the chorus of the team in more than 6 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions Chorus Association, winning units will be awarded cup, certificate
(4) the peace and Friendship Award: awarded to the foreign team, awarded the trophy, certificate
3, the final award:
Awarded each gold medal first place team are eligible to enter the China International Chorus Festival finals, won the top three finals team organizing committee will be awarded "the 13th China International Chorus Festival championship prize and award tray. Bonus settings are as follows:
Total champion first: 50000 yuan
Championship second: 30000 yuan
Championship third: 10000 yuan


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