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Date:Oct 19,2015

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The thirteenth China International Choral Festival and international choral union choral education conference will consist of four sections. That is, the forum section, the game play exhibition area, education exchange forum, public interest activities section.
In a period of a week's time in the current international choral Festival through nearly two hundred rich and colorful activities arrangement, all involved in the choral music lovers provide display, communication and learning opportunities, make China International Chorus Festival truly become a global chorus lovers to exchange skills, showing a grand festival of talent, sing happy.
Forum Forum
1, international chorus chorus Education Conference
The organizing committee will be invited from the world of domestic and international choral organization person in charge and with the international prestige of the choral experts and educators, the chorus to enhance people's sense of social responsibility; chorus condensation national mission, strengthen the sense of collectivism, the spirit of cooperation; Chorus will improve people's culture; chorus to children's growth and development of positive significance. On the basis of national music education status and the function of a hot topic of discuss and share the successful experience.
2, International Choral Union Executive Committee
International Choral Union as a choral Festival this year, the co sponsors of the members of the executive committee will gather in Beijing, the future development of International Choral Union and China International Chorus Festival and international choral union cooperation matters for discussion.
3, China International Chorus Festival jury
The Choral Festival Competition judges invited from domestic and foreign famous choral educator, served as a choral conductor, by a panel of judges will study Choral Festival this year, event evaluation rules, criterion and made the evaluation under the principle of fairness and impartiality.
4, China chorus Seminar
Seminar will from "in the Chinese community and the composer how to promote development of the chorus of the original works," contemporary choral art how to from the national music treasure draw nourishment "," referring to the world advanced Choral Arts and innovation of the national chorus of dialectical relations and other issues, from different levels and angles in-depth analysis the factors that restrict the further development of Chinese Chorus, is Chinese Chorus development strategic planning and top-level design, government support and guidance methods, and creating world brand of national chorus art, enhance China's influence in the field of global chorus question carries on the discussion.

Game performances section
1, the Great Hall of the people held a large opening ceremony
Domestic and foreign reference section team by the comprehensive evaluation of China International Chorus Festival Arts Council after, will recommend the team of a group of high artistic level and with national and regional characteristics boarded the Chinese art of the highest temple -- the Great Hall of the people, the team will from the five continents of the world nearly 10000 chorus hobby show their own style, and China Central Television will record the entire process at the opening ceremony of the event.
2, China International Chorus Festival
Will be invited to all over the world are willing to participate in the chorus team, to provide a to participate in international competition and to obtain their own level, feel the charm of chorus art valuable opportunity, all registration choral groups are eligible to participate in the contest to through the game to make friends, through the exchange of experience, by observing and find out the gap, and ultimately improve and display own level. (see the rules of the game)
3, the world's top Choir Concert
The organizing committee will be invited to the five continents and the world's top Choir Concert, focused on the world's high level of art, the global chorus art status and development trends. At the same time, special performances will become China International Chorus Festival shoulder to improve level of Chinese chorus art, an important means to promote China chorus cause and the world community responsibility.
4, awards ceremony
After all the events, will be held a grand ceremony, in recognition of outstanding achievements in the event of the chorus group, chorus conductor, accompaniment and best organizer, etc..
5, the finals and the Closing Concert
Awarded each gold medal first place team are eligible to enter the China International Chorus Festival finals, won the top three finals team organizing committee will be awarded "the 13th China International Chorus Festival championship prize and award tray. Bonus settings are as follows:
Total champion first: 50000 yuan
Championship second: 30000 yuan
Championship third: 10000 yuan
6, the choir exchange performance
Organizing Committee for each section and choir arrangements exchange performance opportunities, through performances enable people in different countries and regions, races, and nationalities gather together, the song singing world peace and friendship, through song, exchange the experience and skills of chorus.
7, Chinese Chorus new works
In order to promote the creation and prosperity of China's outstanding chorus works market, promote the chorus of new works, to meet the needs of chorus groups, this Chorus Festival will be held in the new Chinese Chorus Concert, and set up a new work alone.
Educational exchange forum:
1, chorus command master class:
In order to meet the actual needs of the chorus from all walks of life, will be invited to the world's advanced chorus master class to teach students to teach the world's advanced choir music education ideas, command and training skills. Training to master open class, open training observe lessons chorus teaching seminars, concerts, watching for strong, have a definite object in view of the teaching mode.
2, workshop:
Domestic and international famous chorus field demonstration chorus sound, training and performance skills. At the same time, the workshop will also be arranged for the practice of the work, to guide the students to participate in the training of a large number of works of the same time to sing a large number of chorus works, so that the combination of the popularization and improvement.
3, chorus club:
Organizing committee will chorus in the camp set up the chorus club, provide a get-together, exchange and learning opportunities for staying at the camp of foreign choirs. In addition choral music lovers will be at the club enjoy Chinese food, buy the organizing committee carefully designed souvenirs, choral music lovers of improvisation, scores and CD activities such as exchange, when the chorus club "will become a carnival of choral music lovers.

Public activity area (omitted)


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