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Participate in the activities of the team reception problem description

Date:Oct 19,2015

 Team reception problem description
In accordance with the "China International Chorus Festival charter", held in the actual situation and the organizing committee work need, who participated in the thirteenth session of the China International Chorus Festival Chorus team and individual (in addition to the host city local) will be unified by the China International Chorus Festival Organizing Committee responsible for the pick operating; Chinese culture international travel agency as the Choral Festival designated reception units.

The thirteenth China International Chorus Festival in the team to receive standard 


Standard 1

Standard 2

Reception content In Beijing time

July 26th -8 1

Get accommodation Four-star camp

Samsung camp

Have meals

Breakfast in August 1st - July 27th


Full air conditioning travel car


Accompany the whole process

active content The opening ceremony

Watch the opening ceremony


Participate in group games (up to two per group).


Show foreign and domestic Chorus

Chorus Club

Communicate with other groups in the exchange of activities


Arrange a rehearsal opportunity for the team to stay in the camp (1 hours)

closing ceremony

Part of the representatives attending the closing ceremony and awards ceremony



2800 yuan / person

2500 yuan / person


The choir can also watch the international high level Choir Concert at their own expense,


Chorus command master class (workshop), tourist attractions, etc.


China International Chorus Festival Organizing Committee


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