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2015 Xinjiang Chorus Festival seminar -- Ren Baoping teacher's lecture notes

Date:Aug 13,2015

 Theme one: the choruswarmup training and the establishment of the correct chorus sound concept
Four aspects of the training of chorus warmup1 body rhythm training activities including limbs, such as head
2 voice training -- suitable choice to achieve the purpose of voice tone
3 the rhythm of the training -- Based on the work to design the rhythm of the practice
4: training of intonation to quickly enter the state of choral intonation
Chorus - "warm-up training paradigm vocalising"

 Two, establish a correct concept of Chorus
The correct sound concept is the idea of the sound and the standard of the process of the practice. To establish a correct concept of sound is a guarantee of success in chorus training. To make the sound to achieve the ideal sound, we must start from the breath singing posture, singing, vocal resonance based, only to the chorus of voices toward the correct direction of development and improve, to freely in response to different works of different periods, different styles of different requirements of sound presented to pay attention to the following points:
1 correct singing posture
2 correct singing breathing
3 scientific atmosphere
4 ideal singing resonance

     Topic two: how to design and work the design of the sound effect of the work
One, according to the work to design and command gestures
1 ready to take the technology
2 points and lines
3 command of breathing
4 the relationship between the action and the static, the belt and the following command
5 command training expression design
Command gesture design example: "Qinghai dream"

Two, according to the work to design the sound
1 focus on the processing and changes in tone
About 2 vocal skills and Chorus
3 need a scientific method of sound
4 rely on the full support of the atmosphere


4 grasp the style of different works
A good chorus of sound and sound, according to the work to design, rich in change and accurately grasp the different styles of works, the charm of music play to the extreme.
Theme three: the chorus to participate in the competition and the work of the concert.
A, the preparation of the work and the selection of works according to the chorus
1 see music according to spectrum to determine the works
According to design analysis for chorus sound 2
3 estimate the difficulty of the work, and the effect of screening
4 listen to the sound - based on the multi - version sound as a reference
5 ready for rehearsal
Two, the competition and the concert works
1 identified concert theme
2 Comparison between China and foreign works
3 style and language selection
4 the balance between tradition and modern work
5 there is a coordination of accompaniment and accompaniment
6 popular and elegant intersection of textile integration
Example: "spring" Peiyang Chorus Concert of new works of contemporary Chinese 


Three, selected works after the work
1 work style, structure, harmony, and so on.
Design of 2 works climax
For the 3 mark
4 gesture based on the design of the tag
5 to estimate the problems that may be encountered in the rehearsal and prepare for it. 


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