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   International Chorus Festival China (CICF) was founded in 1992, which was approved by the State Council of the people's Republic of China. It is the only national and international chorus art activity in China. The festival held every two years, has been successfully held twelve sessions. China International Chorus Festival is the largest and highest level international chorus art event held in China. It is an important chorus art activity which is a professional and amateur chorus.


  China International Chorus Festival to promote the cultural exchanges between China and the world, to improve the level of the chorus groups in the domestic and foreign played a powerful role in promoting. China International Chorus Festival is deeply loved by the domestic and International Chorus team, has a great influence, has caused the domestic and foreign professionals and groups and the relevant community to pay attention to the public. According to incomplete statistics, in has held the second session of the Choral Festival and competition environment inside and outside the team has nearly a thousand branches, the total number reached more than 47000 people. 


  China International Chorus Festival "to build a harmonious world for tomorrow -- peace and friendship" for the purpose, from different countries and regions, different skin color and ethnic people gather together and compete, song singing world peace and friendship, with songs to express happiness Wyatt and yearning for peace, with songs spread friendship and the world is full of love. China International Chorus Festival insists on the combination of art competitions and performances, and tries to highlight the international, the times, the openness, the artistic, the authority and the fair competition. 


 "Silk as bamboo, bamboo as meat". The history of human singing to express emotion is far earlier than the instrument. Chorus art is a world language that communicates the soul. It is an important indicator to measure the overall quality of a country's national music. China International Chorus Festival will continue to uphold the purpose of using songs to celebrate peace and the dissemination of friendship, in order to promote the understanding of the people of China, to promote the friendship between people and the people of the world, to improve the level of China's chorus art, active social public cultural life plays an active role in promoting.


   By Ministry of culture of the people's Republic of China foreign cultural Liaison Bureau, China's foreign cultural group company, Beijing Municipal Commission of Education (quasi), Beijing Xicheng District People's government, International Choral Union and China Chorus Association and co sponsored by the thirteenth session of the China International Chorus Festival and international choral union Choral education conference will in 2015 July 26 to August 1, in Beijing is held ceremoniously. By then, nearly two hundred outstanding choir from five continents will once again gather in Beijing to sing the song of peace and friendship.  

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